The Cherokee Morning Song - a song we sing as we greet each new day. A new day has begun.

As the sun rises, it is a re-birth. The re-birth of a new day. My re-birth. I think my poetry shared here, on my main page will tell you of that personal meaning for me. Those of you who know, will understand.

For I am Tsa la gi.


tle me ha

Winged messenger of night you sacrificed your life for me, so I may finally listen to the lessons Great Spirit has for me. Not easy ones. Pain, sorrow, betrayal, enemies all around. But brother Bat the messenge is it is time to be buried in the ground.

Dig a grave deep and dark and enter it for the death to start. Cover it over with a blanket so thick, but nonetheless it is a burial crypt. Remain in the earth the dark night, surrounded by creatures of the night - face the fears, the sorrow and pain, for this you must do to be reborn again.

Oh Great Spirit I refused to see, the lessons you are giving to me. I am stubborn and proud and so you give harder times so I can give, so I can give. Give thought to the things I must do. To not give power to anger or hurt, but to instead reach deep within my spirit, my soul, and instead of hatred touch the bright light the flame that burns so bright.

The love you have given to all of men - but for which we must suffer to regain it again.

Humility, sorrow, betrayal and pain, it is a death to be reborn again.

From the deep dark hole I shall emerge, stronger, to follow along the road. The road set forth for which I must choose - not an easy route but one I cannot elude. For this is my destiny in my life. I give thanks Brother Bat for showing me what is right.

Svhyeyi Aga~~~~~~~
Evening Rain
September 29, 2000 3:05 est

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